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Robovac Elite X500 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for just $229, includes nationwide delivery! Normally valued at $599

With a host of handy and innovative features, this elite X500 automatic robot vacuum cleaner keeps your floors free from grub and grime, so you can sit back and relax in your sparkling clean and hygienic home!



  • $229 for an Elite Multifunctional High-Suction Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner, $599 value
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Simply turn it on and let it clean
  • Auto-navigation
  • Obstacle avoiding
  • Elite model intelligently adjusts its suction levels to any surface
  • Self-charging
  • Navigates on all surfaces and automatically moves around obstacles
  • The Robot Vacuum adjusts its cleaning mode according to the situation, cleans harder in dirtier areas and even detects when it needs to clean corners
  • Automatically returns to its home base for automatic self-charging when low on battery power
  • Scheduled cleaning function
  • The X500 features two side brushes, HEPA filter, touch screen and remote control
  • Features Powerful Suction & Intelligent Suction Adjustment
  • High capacity battery - 80 minutes of cleaning time
  • Tone demonstration (it talks to you!) with step by step operation
  • Roller brush is easy to clean and maintain and the dust catcher can be washed with water


You've got better things to do than clean!



Wouldn’t it be nice if you came home and found your floors clean with that 'freshly-vacuumed' look everyday? Well that dream is now a reality with today's deal where you get the Robovac-Elite Robot vacuum cleaner for just $229! Originally upto $599, it’s delivered free to your door-step, anywhere in Australia. With a host of handy and innovative features, this automatic robot vacuum cleaner keeps your floors free from grub and grime, so you can sit back and relax in your sparkling clean and hygienic home!


The Robovac-Elite Robot vacuum cleaneris easy to use and extremely efficient. In fact, it does all the hard work for you. Just press go, put your feet up and relax! It’s a powerful robotic vacuum cleaner that vacuums your floors without you needing to lift a finger. Self-charging, energy-efficient and fully automatic, this little robot goes about its business while you go about yours. There are no messy cords, no dirty bags, and no unwanted stress.The Robovac-Elite Robot vacuum cleaner can work on any surface in your home including wood, carpet, tiles, and even lino. It even has a mopping function to get those floors spotless. It will expertly climb over rugs, automatically adjust from one surface to the next, and makes its way all round your house picking up dirt and grit along the way. This intelligent appliance is fully equipped to bust dust and dirt from a variety of household surfaces. Boasting a five-step repetitive rotation movement system, it delivers a thorough and effective floor clean. It also has an anti-collision function so it has no awkward run-ins with the forgotten vacuum or broom in the corner. It also has sensors that stop it from falling downstairs! Easily tackles dirt, dust, pet hair, crumbs and your husband’s discarded nail clippings.


The only thing it can't do is take care of the ironing!

Terms & Conditions


  • Delivered within 5-6 weeks once deal ends
  • Australia-wide delivery only
  • Shipping address cannot be changed after placing order
  • Not valid with any other offer
  • Not redeemable for cash